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vin_daily's Journal

Vin Diesel Daily
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Welcome to Vin Diesel Daily!
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A few guidelines:

1) No hotlinking! Do not link directly to pictures from other people's sites. Stealing bandwidth is a crappy thing to do. Upload the images to your own server and link from there. (That includes hotlinking from vin_daily. If you want to link a pic, link the post instead.)

2) Give credit. Credit the source of the pic(s) you post. If it's something you've had on your hd for a while and you can't remember, okay. But if the source is known, say so. It gives people a chance to check out some other shrines to Vin and hey... everybody likes to see their name in print. *g*

3) Post pictures! This isn't a gossip, fic or squee community. That said, discussion is good. If you'd like to discuss something about Vin here, preface the post with a pic and have at it in the comments.

4) Cut posts! If you've got a large pic (over 500 pixels in width), are posting more than one, or posting adult-content images use [lj-cut]
(substituting < > for [ ]).

5) Any Vin pic is game. Whether it's Vin, Riddick, Xander, Taylor, Sean, Dom, Chris, Adrian, Rick or Mike. In other words, if it's got Vin, ain't nothin' else matter. *grin*

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